Boots & Hearts Day 2

Ready to go for the first full day at Boots and Hearts we began our day at the Front Porch stage with Andrew Hyatt. You could tell they were pumped to be at Boots and they gave the crowd a jacked up high energy set. They’ve had a lot of success with their latest single On Me and they had everyone on cue singing right along. Andrew completely rocked the Front Porch stage and I’m sure it won’t be long till he’ll be rocking the main stage. 


Bob and Clint Moffat of Endless Summer brought their “chill beachy” summer time vibes to Boots and Hearts this year. They played to a very favourable afternoon size crowd and had everyone groovin’ along. They played their hit dedicated to all the ladies in the crowd Amen To Women. Amongst others played from their album, they played one of my favourites and not so mainstream song 420. It was a really chill time with these boys who looked like they had a ton of fun.


The ever so beautiful Jessica Mitchell on the inside and out serenaded us with her incredible voice. Of course playing her hit Working on Whiskey, Jessica also shared some new music with us Don’t love me and Tear It Down. Both just as equally beautiful. Jessica is so extremely talented writing her own music, playing piano and guitar and all rounded out with her powerful lovely vocals. 



Brooke Eden showing us her Canadian love, sported a Shania Twain t-shirt saying she’s one of her idols. Brooke owned the cat walk as she strutted back and forth and rocking her guitar solos. Her latest hit Act Like You Don’t got a huge response from the crowd, but also so did her cover of Shania’s Man I Feel Like A Woman. Brooke had tons of energy for the main stage and a powerful voice that carried through the grounds. 


As I got ready in the pit for Drake White and The Big Fire to take the stage I happened to notice him stretching behind stage and after seeing his set I totally understood why. The guy does not stop moving from start to finish! He totally lit up the Front Porch stage and had the crowd rocking. I was completely impressed with his set. His music is soulful and his songs tell a story. Drake’s album Spark is refreshing country music and I hope he puts out more music just the same. 


Frankie Ballard is definitely a bad ass of country, livin’ his own words of being Young & Crazy. Which just happens to be the perfect fitting song for the BH crowd. Or Sunshine and Whiskey might just be too. Frankie was in the BH4 lineup but on the Front Porch stage and this year he undoubtedly rocked the main stage. Rocking both the acoustic and electric guitar he gave us one high energy jacked-up set.


Kiefer Sutherland had some fun on the Front Porch as he was set to close out the stage for the day. He energetically took the stage and played some songs from his album released last summer along with some new music. His sound is one you would find in a bar, a good ole’ honky tonk and drink some beer or whiskey to. 


Magic was made with Keith Urban on Friday night at boots. A storm rolled in and the grounds were cleared. Due to safety unfortunately Dan and Shay’s set was cancelled. But the skies cleared and Keith was able to take the stage. During his set however the skies opened up for a brief moment but Keith said he’d join us in the rain and ran out on the cat walk, it really was a magical moment. As everyone knows Keith can absolutely slay a guitar and it was amazing to witness on the BH stage. He paid tribute to Glen Campbell playing Rhinestone Cowboy, then jammed to some bob Marley and a great cover of U2. He even brought Dan & Shay out to let them have a moment with the crowd it was quite amazing. Keith was thankful for our Canadian support and showed a lot of gratitude for playing at Boots.

The night however was not over as Dan and Shay ended up making a special appearance on the Front Porch Stage, they too were ever so grateful for the opportunity to play. 

I have to give credit to Republic Live and the security team the way they handled the situation. There is absolutely nothing they can do about the weather, but they did a fantastic job of clearing the grounds and getting everyone back in so the show could go on, bravo!

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