Behind the artist, Jordyn Elliott

When an artist wins an award and during their acceptance speech you will hear their gratitude and thankfulness. During their speech you are likely to hear them say “I’d like to thank my manager.”

Behind every successful artist is a hard working manager. In fact a whole team, and behind the scenes these people work relentlessly for their success.

Jordyn Elliott is one of these exceptional, extremely hard working managers who works tirelessly for the success of her artists. I recently spoke with Jordyn about how she became an artist manager and what it’s like to be one.

“I began in the music industry almost 10 years ago now, I began with Jones Entertainment Group (also known as Rock The Park). While working with them it was then I decided I’d like to become an artist manager. I began as a manger for a punk rock band, Slow Motion Victory out of Toronto. They were the runners up on a series on Much Music called Discovered. Our drummer was actually killed and the band disbanded. It definitely was a difficult time, but I still wanted to continue on as a manager. I then managed another punk rock band, Eleven Past One and signed them to Warner Music. I then met Eric Ethridge in 2103 and I began working with Eric, this beginning my journey in the country music industry. I worked with him up until late last year (2019).”

Jordyn and Eric shared some great success and career highlights together. Eric was 2017 CCMA Discovery winner and he also received a nomination for last years CCMA Rising star. They also signed with Anthem Entertainment Group. Not to mention the countless shows and festivals Eric has preformed.

Jordyn is currently working with one of the hottest female acts in country music, Meghan Patrick. “I began working with Meghan in 2018. She asked me to go out for a lunch and not too long after, she called asking me to be her manager. She is truly incredible to work with, including her whole team and I’m so happy to be apart of it.”

I asked Jordyn what it is like to be an artist manager and as you can imagine it definitely sees its challenges but like everything in life there are highs and lows, but it can also come with much reward.

“It definitely can be very tiring and doesn’t leave much room for personal time. It can be difficult the obstacles and speed bumps along the way. But it also can be very rewarding. Especially seeing all the growth that is involved. I have always worked with artists from basically ground zero. Working with Meghan has also been very different for me. Meghan was already established when I began working with her and this was actually a very different change of pace and refreshing for me. I have learnt a lot since becoming a part of her team and it’s just been truly an incredible experience.

For me when I work with an artist I want it to be like family and that is very important to me. I am there for the artist no matter what and it truly has to be a good fit, you know a really good bond.”

Meghan’s 2020 kicked off with a huge bang as she was nominated for a Juno Album of the year. She had been out on her very first headlining tour and not to mention she also opened for Old Dominion on their Life Is Sweet Tour across Canada, along with her boyfriend Mitchel Tenpenny. I’d say life had been definitely been pretty sweet for these lovely, hard working ladies and I have no doubt they will continue to persevere during these challenging times. I would also bet that they will pick right back up where things left off when this is all over, with many more successes and career highlights.

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