Rivertown Saints with special guests Rock Huntsville, Muskoka for The Laquan Foundation

During these times it is absolutely phenomenal to have an opportunity to see live music. As always, it does exactly what it should do, takes you away and helps leave your troubles behind. The Rivertown Saints, Lemon Cash and The Griffin Brothers helped us all feel a bit of normalcy in Huntsville ON, Muskoka for one special sunny day. The event was in support of The Laquan Foundation, Youth Mental Health & Wellness. The day was filled with incredible live music, sunshine, warmth, smiles and lots of people socially distanced but yet all together enjoying themselves! Congratulations and hats off to everyone involved for putting on a very remarkable and unforgettable day!

The Griffin Brothers began with an incredible set and they got the crowd going, setting the tone for the day. The brothers Alex and Ricky are young, fresh and it was great to hear some new music from them. Be sure to check them out and their newly released single She Might Be The One. These guys were awesome and very entertaining. I am sure there will be great things to come from them!

It is not too often you see a fresh new band and are completely blown away. Lemon Cash did exactly that with their set. These guys are tight, with an awesome sound and have an incredible stage presence. They definitely love to preform and put on a very impressive show. Their music and energy were the perfect match to The River Towns Saints.

It was so great to see the guys from The River Town Saints. I am so impressed with their perseverance, drive and love of live music. Even during these times they have found away to play a few drive-in shows. Although there might be a few different faces from the original group, they still have seemed to remain the same. However, their new music has a different feel and sound, they definitely seem to be heading in the right direction with it. Chase has nailed the part as lead singer and Joe has filled in quite nicely on bass. Chris, Jeremy and Jordan are incredible guys, tough as nails with both big hearts and smiles. It was so great to see them together on stage. They are full of energy and put on an amazing show!

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