ANNIKA Releases Debut EP; Stand Still: Side A

ANNIKA has just released her debut EP Stand Still Side A. The songs included on the EP are so well written and composed, showcasing ANNIKA’s incredibly powerful vocals. We had a wonderful chat about the EP. In addition to the video chat that’s featured, ANNIKA shared some further thoughts on her music, including her EP release party!

As we discussed the songs on the EP in detail, she shared the story behind ENCORE.

“Working with my husband is so special and I’m so lucky to have a husband who is a producer. I have the capability to always be working on music with him and it is so great! It is so amazing to be able to create together. For example we wrote ENCORE for a male and we were holding on to that song for a while. We began to think how great it would sound as duet, so we pitched it to Brett Kissel and he thankfully and graciously jumped on board the song! It was wonderful and truly we are so blessed and happy how it turned out!”

ANNIKA held an EP release party at The King Eddy and she shared how she felt about the evening. She is absolutely incredible live with those powerful vocals! I only wish I could have been there to share in the special night!

“We had such an incredible night. It was so special and maybe even a little extra special, with what has been going on and with not much in terms of live music happening. It was such a beautiful night and everyone was so happy to be able to be together in person and share the night together. I was initially a bit nervous about being on stage again and someone mentioned it’s like riding a bike and it was! That night was just purely filled of excitement and joyfulness!”

After listening to Stand Still Side A, I am already looking forward to hearing more from ANNIKA and I am very intrigued to see what Side B will deliver!

“Yes, this is side A and we will be starting to release songs off of Side B in the next coming months. With plans of hopefully releasing side B in early 2023. So lots to look forward to! With new music yet still ahead to come!”

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