How this Country Concert Queen came to be…

I was thirteen when I went to my first concert. My parents created this concert queen and for that I would like to say Thank You!

It was my thirteen birthday and we were at my grandparents house for dinner. My parents had given me Rod Stewart tickets for my birthday and the tickets were being delivered to the house that night. Well my parents were starting to panic as they hadn’t arrived, my Dad made a call to the delivery company had found out they had been delivered to a neighbour in error, thank god crisis averted I was still going to my first concert. My dad took me down to the Skydome and that is were and when my fascination and appreciation for live music began. We were 10 rows from the stage and I just thought I was the luckiest girl in the world! Glass Tiger opened for him and I remember just loving every second there! I remember when Rod Stewart took the stage and the soccer balls flying everywhere. The concert was amazing and since then I have been an avid concert music junkie!

Growing up through the ’90’s our generation was so lucky to grow up with the best rock and r&b and hip hop!!! I have seen countless concerts in all genres, I grew up going to Edgefest and concerts alike. One of my favourite concerts was the Chili Peppers had preformed a live concert on a shut down Yonge St. it was beyond amazing. The second I would have to say was U2 in Dublin Ireland, it was absolutely an incredible experience I will never forget the whole city of Dublin was shut down and just people everywhere in the streets, not a hotel to be had but I had tickets to a sold out 80,000 capacity stadium, unreal!

For quite sometime now I have been and still are going to country concerts all the time!

I am officially a country concert junkie, quoting the one and only Gord Bamford, who yes I have seen. I absolutely love live music and I am the happiest most content girl being at a concert. Maybe to be more specific, an outdoor country concert with a cold beer in my hand. So please follow along for my concert adventures!


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