In early February I received a notification on Twitter that Kicks106 had followed me back! I was quite pleased and I was not the only Kicx listener to be pleased, so was @MsHeatherDubois She had posted to twitter her fondness of the follow and I liked her tweet, which began our conversation. To explain a bit, I have her late mother’s name and she was taken aback by seeing the name Jocelyn. Thus began our conversation and furthermore about kicks and country music and her late mother. I felt it was quite genuine and lovely and I was moved by it all!

I also am a true believer of fate and everything happens for a reason! Over the next couple of days I had noticed who Heather was and what she does. Ms. Dubois works for a PR Media company and I have been thinking for sometime now how much I would love more than anything to be covering country music and showcasing our Canadian Country artists. I was bold enough to message her regarding this and her reply was absolutely  amazing and more than I could of hoped for! “Everyone has to start somewhere…”  Well this is my “somewhere” and my beginning.

Since then I haven’t been able to stop thinking about it and how I can make my dream become a reality. Thus I have dubbed myself countrymills and I am officially on my way to making my dreams come true. So follow along as I showcase and spotlight our talented Canadian Country artists!!!

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