Trackside Festival Day 2

Trackside Day 1 was amazing and it left us wanting more! Which was perfect ’cause we were back for Day 2! It was an absolutely beautiful day and we were ready to #KickItTrackside again!!!

Them Dang’ Rattlers kicked off day 2 in a big way! If you have not heard of these guys you have to check them out! They put on one hell of a show and really know how to rock and have a blast on stage! They kicked off with one of their own, I Wanna Love You and then sounding just like Brantley Gilbert rocked Small Town Throwdown! Changing their words to Drinking On A Tuesday to more like drinking on a Saturday, they had everyone raising their drinks! They had everyone singing to some Justin Moore and then Aldean and London for sure Knew We Were Here! They shared a new one of their EP Drinking Games and closed out rockin’ to another single Boots and Bourbon. Be sure to check these guys out if you like to have a good time, you won’t be disappointed!


Steven Lee Olsen got the crowd going with One Night In The Country With Me and had everyone set for a good time! He then had everyone raising a glass to Tip It Sip It Repeat! He sang some more hits like Make Hay While The Sun Shines and then turned it up with some AC/DC mixed with Sweet Alabama. Steven had not been back in Canada in a while, but said he was happy to be back and especially on Canada Day weekend. He then had everyone singing to another Canadian boy, Justin Bieber and then some Back Street boys. Singing a new one too himself, Sorry To Future Me, I started to catch a trend with Steven and that’s that he likes to have a good time! Finishing his set off strong with some more country, Raised By A Good Time!


Next up was Chris Lane and let me tell you he had everyone in the crowd jumping! This guy is a big ball of energy and jumps around the stage like nobody’s business! He sounded great singing a new one for us Who’s It Gonna Be. He looked like a he had a blast doing a montage of NKOTB melody, with Can’t Feel My Face mixed with some Nsync and he even Whipped and Nae Nae. He wrapped up this energetic set with his first top single Fix and had everyone singing along.


New comer to the country scene Kane Brown took the stage next. Even though he’s new, there were many in the crowd waiting patiently to see him. After hearing his performance I could see why, this guy has an incredible country voice! Accompanied by a beautiful smile! He sang some of his singles, but did a lot of great country covers and again NKOTB and Bieber. But the one I loved the most was Kryptonite by 3 Doors Down, man he nailed it! He finished off with a crowd favourite I Love That I Hate You and had full crowd participation on this one.



The highly anticipated Cole Swindle was next up and that Saturday night we kicked it trackside as his Down Home Boys! His performance was flawless from the very first note to the last and you could tell he loved being up there! He moved around the stage engaging with fans and hammering out hit after hit! He saluted the Budweiser big rig with Brought To You By Beers and we could all raise one to that! He played some Tim McGraw & Kenny Chesney for us. He even shared a new one that he has written about Mr. McGraw off of his latest album. He had the crowd singing along to hits like Let Me See You Girl, Hope You Get Lonely Tonight and his collaboration with Dierks Bentley Flatliner. We were all caught up in the Middle Of A Memory as the sun was setting he sang You Should Be Here. It was such a beautiful moment with many brought to tears. Cole asked us to look to the sky and think of those who should be here. He said this is what the power of music is all about and he’s so right! Cole also stating “This is what it’s all about! This is what we do and love what we do, we just want to see y’all have a good time.” This is a memory I know I won’t soon forget!



The crowd anticipation for FGL was unreal and when they hit that stage Trackside irrupted! With FGL in the house you gotta know this is where the party’s at! With This Is How We Roll blaring through the park and with all the pyro and lighting you can imagine, the party just got cranked up! We Cruised with them through party anthem hit after hit, the whole crowd singing along to Anything Goes, Get your Shine On and Confession. I absolutely loved when they played that one, I had my right hand on a cold one right along with them! They played a new one called Smooth and not to sound cliché but man it really was smooth! They played the albums titled song Dig Your Roots and it gave me all the good feel vibes, I love this tune! Slowing it down next with H.O.L.Y Tyler playing the grand piano and Brian perched on a stool they serenaded us with their beautiful tribute to their wives. Afterwards Tyler saying, “So beautiful, holy this crowd singing just gave me the chills, goosebumps!” It was a lot of fun having them sharing their old pictures on screen with us, thanks boys! They kicked it back up with Sundaze and then just killed it with some old school tracks like they did back in the day with House of Pain’s Jump and Montell Jordan’s This Is How We Do It.

Well the sun had gone down and well you know, this is just how we do it Round Here! We got down and partied with FGL and it was one a hell of a party and great way to close out the first Trackside!




Just like day one we were treated again to some local talent on the Homegrown stage. After closing out day one, Julia Haggarty got to kick off the side stage on day two! It was great to have her back up there, this girl really has got it going on! She has a beautiful voice and her sound consists of the good ole’ country twang. Be sure to look out for her!

Brad James was up next on the side stage and he too has a great strong country voice. Entertaining the crowd with some of his own music along with some good country favourites.

The Reklaws took the stage back to back for two sets and they were awesome! The sister and brother duo Jenna and Stuart looked like they had a blast up there! They too sang country favourites, but also singing their singles Kiss Kiss and their latest Seeing Stars. Which was released under Big Machine Records. They have a lot of stage energy and great voices to match! The talented duo won the emerging star showcase at Boots and Hearts in 2013 and have hit the road running since!





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