Tim Hicks Shake These Walls Tour

The walls were shaking inside the Tribute Centre in Oshawa On. Friday night. Joined by the River Town Saints and Jason Blaine, Tim Hicks brought his Shake These Walls Tour to town.
The Rivertown Saints sure know how to get a party started. These boys are full of energy and Friday night was no exception as they kicked off the night with one hell of a high energy set. Playing their latest hit single, they had the entire centre lit up like a Bonfire. These guys had a solid 2016 and I think it’s safe to say this year is off to an amazing start for them. Having just released their new single and opening for Tim’s Ontario dates. I’d say it’s off to a solid start and I’m sure there’s more to come!


Jason Blaine kept the party going kicking his set off with a hit country party anthem, Country Side. He to is full of energy and was fully engaged with the crowd. It was cool to flashback and think about as Jason mentioned, the good old days when Tim and himself would play just down the road at the Corral. Now how awesome is it that they get to play the big boy stage. Jason played many of his hits including a touching moment when he played They Don’t Make Them Like That Anymore. He had the crowd singing along as he made a clip to send his grandparents who inspired the song. Jason also shared new music with us. Joking around with the title of his new song saying “RTS, Tim and myself Ain’t Got Grown Up Down Yet“. It’s a song many can relate to and I’m sure this will be another hit single for Jason.



Tim and the boys made Oshawa their Stomping Ground Friday night. They held true to their promise, the album and tour titled song Shake These Walls. No different from any other time I have seen them live, they rocked the Tribute centre. It is absolutely amazing to see how far these guys have come, to now headlining their own tour to highly anticipated and enthusiastic fans. Tim was dying to say it all day “Are you Ready for A Hell Raisin Good Time!” The crowd on their feet showed him they were there to party, having  everyone singing and boot stompin’ along to hit after hit. Tim during his set invited Jason back out on stage and the two of them killed I’ve Got A Feelin’. There was never a doubt it was going to be a good night! Well I have to say I’m absolutely loving his new music and I love the song Slide Over. As he introduced it he explained that he wrote it for Amanda and him as a reminder. A reminder as life gets so hectic and busy to  sometimes just slow down. With all the kids schedules and craziness of life and social media to just take time to slow down and enjoy moments with each other. At that moment we happened to spot her in the crowd dancing in front of us and it was definitely a special moment to capture. It was perfectly followed up by Young, Alive and in love. Tim played a solid set and returned for an encore of his famous hit to which everyone knows the words to, Stronger Beer. Then wrapped up the night that no one wanted to see end with one last hit from his album, Forever Rebels.


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