Aaron Pritchett

It was a hot summers night for September and even hotter inside Mavericks Music Hall in Barrie for a Thursday night. The beers were ice cold and the crowd was rowdy for a good night with Aaron Pritchett and the Mudslingers.

The Mudslingers got the crowd fired up with their “rock country” sound and loads of energy. The brother duo from Mount Albert, ON with Ryan on lead vocals and Jarrod Connolly lead guitar, together have perfect chemistry. The band as a whole was tight and rocked the hall. They played their debut edgy single Devils Ways, along with their single that was just released to country radio Smile On The Radio. Another song that really caught my attention was Fireflies it’s well written with a beautiful melody. I’m thinking this is just the beginning for these guys with big things to come.


Just as jacked as the crowd was, Aaron Pritchett took the stage and in his own words “Let’s Get Rowdy” we did just that. If you’ve ever seen Aaron live before you know you are in for a good night and a lot of fun. He’s full of energy and interacts a lot with the crowd, including myself.  As he gradually made his way over to me at the side of the stage he ended up nice and close and personal in my camera lens. The shot sequence I ended up with was pretty hilarious, thanks Aaron for the close up!

Aaron played hit after hit including many new ones form his latest album the score. Including VW Bus all about “Gertie” which he drove across Canada to the CCMA awards. How awesome is that!?!? He had everyone singing right along to his numerous hits, also including an amazing tribute to Glen Fry and the Eagles, it was sensational! He then did a wicked song mash-up that included, Metallica, Bon Jovi, Alanis Mortisette, Nirvana and Def Leppard. Then right into a fan favourite of his own Hold My Beer it was pretty epic. After now seeing Aaron perform several times I can honestly say you will never leave his show disappointed. He is an exceptional performer and truly puts on such a fun and entertaining show.


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