Q&A with Wes Mack

It must be awesome to be kicking off 2018 with the release of your new single House on Fire! Congrats!

Q: Reflecting on the past year, what has 2017 been like for you and can you share any highlights?

A: 2017 was a very busy year behind the closed doors of the recording studio.  I took the 60 songs I wrote in preparation for my new album and recorded 36 demos.  From there I carved it down to a smaller selection including my brand new single House On Fire.  I worked closely with my friend and producer Jordan Orbek and the guys in my touring band to make recordings that are made to be played live and loud.  I also spent some time filming in my home province of Alberta with Liam Neeson for the upcoming film Hard Powder.


Q: Were you involved in the writing process of your new single? If so, where did you find your inspiration from when writing? 

A: I did indeed write my new single House On Fire.  The name comes from a fairly old-timey southern phrase “We get along like a house on fire” but from there I wrote this song about a specific house party I went to when I was 17 years old.  It was absolutely wild and ended with everyone at the party spilling out into a baseball field across the street, and then climbing up on the roof to watch the northern lights.  We actually did the photoshoot for the single cover on that same baseball diamond.


Q: Which artists would you say have inspired your music? 

A:  There are a huge number of artists who have influenced and inspired my music.  When I was very young my earliest memories of music are listening to The Beatles, Hank Williams, The Beach Boys, and Ian Tyson… nice little country/pop/rock mix.  These days I listen to all kinds of music but definitely am greatly inspired by people like Dierks Bentley, Eric Church, Keith Urban, John Mayer and many more.  I love finding new tunes.


 Q: Will there be more music to follow later in 2018? Do you have any EP or album plans?

A:  There will definitely be more music coming in 2018.  Like I said, I wrote 60 songs for this album.  There will be a few more singles and an album coming before we hit 2019. 


 Q: Do you have any tour or festival plans for the coming year?

A: I do indeed have tour plans this year… sadly none that I can reveal just quite yet…. Stay tuned.


Thanks so much again for your time and congrats on your new single and I wish you all the best for 2018!!!

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Instagram: @wesmackmusic

Twitter: @WesMackMusic

Youtube: WesMackMusic


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