Gord Bamford Interview

Hey Gord, congratulations on your new album Neon Smoke!

Q: With your Neon Smoke Tour kicking off, what are you looking forward to most about the tour?

A: I just can’t wait to get back out on the road and play some shows again, 29 dates over 35 days should be a great time.


Q: What made the single Neon Smoke not only the title of the album but also the tour?

A: Sometimes it’s hard to find a title for the album and the tour that just makes total sense. In this case, it was very easy as we knew the song was gonna be a single and there was just great ring to it all.


 Q: I’m really looking forward to seeing Aaron Goodvin out on the road with you! How did you decide who you’d be bringing on tour with you?

A: Having Aaron will be great, he has been at it for a long time. I’ve known him for years as he came from Alberta. Aaron deserves to be on the tour, he just came off a couple big hits at radio and people need the chance to see him play. I hope this is just a stepping stool for bigger things to come for him, we are happy to have him along and he brings great value to the whole show.


Q: After your Canadian dates you will be heading back over to Australia. How would you compare playing over there to here?

A: Australia is a great market. Very similar to Canada, but smaller. Being born there is an advantage to me as I have dual Citizenship. I have been going there for a couple years now and it’s starting to really build but it always takes time and dedication.


Q: You spend both time in Nashville and your hometown in Alberta. Do you find one place better than the other for inspiration during your song writing process?

A: Yeah I’m a proud Canadian and in my opinion it’s the greatest country in the world to live and raise a family.

Q: Your anthem single Ain’t It Grand is truly an amazing homage to our beautiful country! What was it like putting the song together and singing with Canadian icon Jim Cuddy?

A: When you think of Canada and write a song about it, Jim Cuddy couldn’t be a better fit to have as a guest on the song. He is a wonderful person and I have a great deal of respect for Jim and his music.


Q: Are there any other collaboration(s) you’d like to see happen?

A: I have a song on this new record I wrote with Buddy Owens and Tracy Lawrence, Tracy also joins me on the song so that was very cool…I have been a Tracy Lawrence fan my whole life. Reba would be the icing on the cake for me, she has been very kind to me and I enjoyed touring with her, classy lady.


Q: What does the rest of 2018 look like for you?

A: Planning a pile of shows to promote this new album, BUSY VERY BUSY!!

Thanks again so much for your time and all the best with the tour!!!

Twitter: @gordbamford

Facebook: @gordbamford1

Instagram: @thegordbamford



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