Garth Brooks Interview at CMA Fest

During CMA Fest Garth Brooks made a special appearance on the CMA Close Up Stage. Storme Warren interviewed the legend himself, followed by an acoustic performance.
This was an opportunity of a country fans lifetime to sit in on and experience. For me personally this was one of my highlights from the week.
It was an incredible experience listening to him live, just chatting about music, his wife, fans and what’s in store.
Storme Warren from SiriusXm got the ball rolling right away with Garth. They chatted about Garth’s tour with Trisha and how much he truly enjoyed it and performing night after night with her. Garth said that he can’t stay off the road it’s just too much fun to do. This is no secret to anyone who has seen him live. There is no doubt that he absolutely loves what he does. Garth making the comment, “Everybody knew the music and it makes for a real fun night.”

Just prior to this appearance at CMA Fest he had teased on studio G about a big announcement coming on July 9th. Storme tried his hardest to get it out of him but Garth stayed on course and didn’t bite. However, he did say that he wanted it to be the biggest thing they’ve ever done. He briefly talked about new coming music and noted that they needed a good ole’ honky tonk song! He definitely had everyone intrigued and we will just have to stay tuned for the big reveal!

Touching more on new music coming, Garth spoke about a Live album in the works.
“We will call it a fan mix. It will be a triple live album.” Saying that he relives the nights through this music and the fans voices which were just amazing and in tune night after night. He said he wanted to some how include them on the album. “Its a big thank you to the fans and this way they get to hear what I get to hear every night!” We saw him twice while on the tour and they really were special nights. I am already looking forward to getting my hands on this one!

When talking about the concert experience he spoke so highly of his fans. Most artists recognize the fact that they get to do what they do and love because of their fans. Garth is no exception and couldn’t be more appreciative of his fans.
“Treat people the you want to be treated! Be the fan first! What is a concert without the fans!”

Storme spent some time out on the tour with Garth & Trisha. He couldn’t get over Garth’s schedule and he gave us a good glimpse of a typical day. One word BUSY! He said he just had to ask Trisha “Why does he do what he does!?!” Her response was, “’Cause he doesn’t want to miss anything.” Garth then chuckling said “Cause you do it cause you love it!”

I have seen Garth perform a time or two and there are many good reasons why he’s won entertainer of the year.  Simply put it is because he puts everything he has into it, giving his fans an ultimate concert experience. If you’ve seen him then you know what I’m talking about and if you haven’t make sure you do. You’ll then see for yourself what he does is definitely what he loves and you will experience a show of your lifetime!

At one point during the interview they touched on the growth of country music and how it’s evolved. I absolutely loved Garth’s response and will never forget it. He genuinely said, “As long as it remains sincere and the voice of reason, it will always be country.” To me and I would imagine all his fans, Garth will always no doubt be a definition of country.



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