Tim Hicks Get LOUD Tour Kick Off Night

The Tim Hicks’ Get Loud Tour officially is underway and it all kicked off in Toronto on a Thursday night. It truly was an amazingly LOUD and electrifying night in Toronto that no one will soon forget. Tim Hicks not only kicked off his own tour but also the Royal Agriculture Winter Fair. The evening was presented by the biggest Canadian Country festival, Boots and Hearts bringing a little heat to these cooler temperatures. Tim brought along some friends for the night, joining him was Madeline Merlo, Tebey and special guests The Washboard Union. They all put on an incredible show bringing a little country to the city, just like the Winter Fair usually does. Each artist that took the stage had the whole hall buzzing all night long!

Madeline Merlo kicked off the night and always a ray of sunshine she brought so much energy and life to the stage! Just as sweet as she is Madeline got the night rolling with her hit Honey Jack. She played her hits that her fans have come to know and love, but she also included a brand new unreleased song which I believe is entitled Kiss. A perfect finish to her set, Madeline closed out with Hotel Flamingo and the party was definitely underway!


Tebey was up next, keeping the party going he took to a smoky stage and cranked out Jealous Of The Sun. It was also such an exciting night for him! During Tim’s set he was surprised by being presented with a Gold Record Plaque for Denim on Denim. Congratulations Tebey it is definitely a golden one! Also adding some more fun to the night Tebey brought out a surprise guest, this year’s Boots and Hearts Emerging Artist Showcase Winner, Kris Barclay. Pumped up to be there Kris eagerly joined him on his hit Wake Me Up, which completely got the crowd going and singing right along. The two made a great duo and they had so much fun and energy which spilled into the room. Nobody wanted The Buzz To Wear Off, but like all good things they must come to an end and fittingly he concluded with Denim on Denim.


The Washboard Union were there to help Tim kick off his tour joining him for this show only, they helped make the night just a little bit extra special. The guys are always in for a party and they proved that when it was their time to Shine at Boots and Hearts this past summer. The BH crowd was their to welcome them back and sang right along once again to all their hits. Including of course Maybe It’s the Moonshine, which at this point giant coors beach balls were released into the crowd adding to the excitement. These guys always put on such a great show and it was so amazing to have them included in the night. They capped it all off with Shot Of Glory and of course with the crowd helping them through it.



Although the volume was already cranked, well let’s just say it was cranked to 10 but it was time to turn it up again! The highly anticipated moment where Tim Hick’s was about to take the stage for the very first time on the tour had finally come. The energy in the room was unreal and the very moment the curtain dropped the place truly got so LOUD it was unbelievable. Kicking his set off he began with NEWTATTOO and there was definitely a lot that was new to Tim’s show this time around! Tim has always put on an incredible, high energy show, but this was next level Tim. Always giving it his all for his fans, he showed he was wanting to step it up even more and make a new mark. As if the crowd wasn’t already jacked he then brought the Thunder followed up by cranking out LOUD and adding pyro to the show was just that next level I was talking about. But then again we were all there for a Hell Raisin’ Good Time and that we got! The crowd was all in with Tim and the boys and everyone rocked to his hits that fans have come to know and love but also right along to his newest. Including The Worst Kind and there to help him out on the duet he brought out Leah Daniels. She in all sincerity would have made Lindsay Ell proud, Leah did a fantastic job truly nailing it! Tim had help on one more song during the night, he brought back to the stage tour mates Madeline Merlo and Tebey, along with the evening’s guests The Washboard Union. At the top of the song he presented Tebey with his Golden Plaque and then they all sang What A Song Should Do and truly the song did it’s job and gave us all the good feels. It made for such a memorable moment during the show. All together they left the stage and the fans called for more. Mr. Hicks and the boys returned to give the crowd just what they wanted. Tim closed out the unforgettable night with his platinum hits and fan favourites Stronger Beer and Get By. There is definitely something to be said for being present for a tour kick off night. The energy, the hype, the anticipation, it is truly special and unique! The one thing the night left us with, was wanting more. The only thing you will be disappointed with is if you miss out on this tour!


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