Don Amero Q&A

Thank you so much Don for taking the time to do a Q&A with us!
Q. Congratulations on your latest album, Evolution, released earlier this year. What has the remaining of the year been like for you since releasing the album?

A) It’s been a great release. I was on the road for most of September and October sharing the album with folks across the country. A few highlights were playing the Industry Awards at the CCMAs and following the EVOLUTION tour I did three dates with country star Brett Kissel. That was a blast!


Q. You did a cross-Canada tour after the album release, what was that experience like for you and what has it meant to you?

A) I love sharing the stories behind the songs. As an artist I desire true connection with the listener. I love up close and personal shows. I feel it’s those kind of experiences (for both me and the listener) that really form an interesting bond between me, them and the song. This tour had a lot of moments like that.


Q. You also just joined Brett Kissel on the Manitoba dates of his current tour, what was your experience opening for him?

A) Brett is arguably the hardest working man in show biz. He and his team are very focused on bringing a top notch show every night. I loved being a witness to that kind of work ethic. His fans love him and I certainly benefited from that love; they loved me by association, ha ha! Those three shows have for sure been a highlight of my 2018.


Q. Your next biggest venture is your Amero Little Christmas Tour. I understand this was typically a sold out, one-night performance in your hometown of Winnipeg and now it’s grown into a full 13-date tour. Congratulations! You must be quite excited about this?

A) I could write a whole chapter on how excited I am. This is a first full band tour for me. We’re going into 2 full weeks of rehearsals before the tour and then hitting the road on November 23rd. My goal is for this to one day be a national tour and even a live televised Christmas special. This is a pretty great start for sure!


Q. Will there be any changes to your Amero Little Christmas show now that it’s a tour instead of just one night?

A) One thing I have to be mindful of is I’ve spent the last 6 years solidifying my show in my hometown (Winnipeg) and they know me and my banter. I need a slightly different approach with new audiences. The Winnipeg show tends to be a bit bigger just because I am able to pull in a few more artists into the show, like a string quartet.


Q. You have had a busy 2018 and I’m sure after your Amero Little Christmas tour wraps up you will take some time to reflect on just what a year you’ve had! How do you plan on celebrating such a successful year during the holidays?

A) While on the Christmas tour I am sure we will have a celebration dinner just before we wrap, but my major goal come December 17th is just be present with my kids, wrap gifts, eat a lot and just be merry for the holidays. I’ll take a few weeks to just reminisce on the year and enjoy the blessings in my life.


Q. Looking forward to 2019, do you have any goals or music plans that you care to share yet?

A) Well I am in the midst of talks with a label, so fingers crossed I’ll be able to announce that before the end of this year. I plan on getting in a few trips to Nashville to do some co-writing for the next project. I am also looking forward to playing some summer festivals and lastly I look forward to bringing ‘Amero Little Christmas’ across the country.


Thank you so much Don for your time, best of luck on your Amero Little Christmas tour! As well as best wishes to you and your family over the holiday season!


Don Amero Social Media Handles:

Twitter: @Donaldamero

Facebook: @Donameromusic

Instagram: @Donamero

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