The Reklaws Trek To The Grey Cup

It was great to catch up with The Reklaws before taking off to the 106th Grey Cup in Edmonton. You could feel the excitement and adrenaline in our conversation as we are just days away! Getting down to business right away I had to know just how excited they are for their big kick off show!

“We are so excited! It’s such an epic thing to be apart of! This year alone has been just amazing and it’s going to be a hard one to live up to!” Exclaimed Jenna.

They have been gearing up for this for awhile now. Launching their #REKTREK campaign on their socials it’s been so much fun to follow! It’s been such a journey and a lot of prep leading up to the big day! We chatted all about it, sharing with me all the work and planning behind the scenes! Plus how much fun they’ve had with it all, ‘cause it looks like they’ve totally had a ball!

“Yeah it’s been a ton of fun! We’ve done a lot to get ready for the big day! From rehearsals, to media, to wardrobe and to even fitness! It’s been fun prepping for this but it’s also been a lot to think about! We’ve had to think about playing outside. About staying warm and not freezing our butts off! That’s one thing and then how’s the stage going to look and how’s it going to come across outside. Then choosing the songs, that’s been a big thing!
We even had a chance to work out with, Brodie Lawson, and well she’s definitely got it going on!” Well I’m sure it was something both Jenna and Stu could handle as they are both in great shape!

Sounds to me like they’ve had a lot on their plates and minds! But if you’ve been following along like I have, as previously mentioned, you’ve seen what a blast they’ve been having too! They’ve also been very generous, giving away a thing or two through socials! The two big giveaways were, the Rektrek Feels Like That Giveaway, $500 plus Reklaw swag! BUT the big giveaway was the trip to the Grey Cup! Round trip airfare, accommodations and tickets to the big game! What a lucky winner!
Sharing with me that they feel so lucky to be able to do this and so thankful to Universal music.
“It’s been so much fun to do! It’s been our chance to give back to our fans and those who have supported us along the way! It’s been the biggest giveaway that we’ve been able to do! It’s been so exciting! It’s been crazy that we were able to do it but Universal is amazing and we are just so happy we are able to give back!”

Well this is truly going to be an amazing experience for them and what a away to cap off what has been such a BIG year!!!
Congratulating them on such an outstanding year, we talked about some of their highlights. Including their hit single Long Live The Night’s which has had so much success for them! I asked if
you could almost say the #REKTREK began back in the beginning of the CFL season when Long Live The Night’s turned into the Thursday night football theme song!

“Yes 100%! The craziest thing about that is we shot the music video on a football field in Nashville not thinking that it would have anything to do with football, there really was no plan for this! But things have lined up perfectly and the CFL loved it! We could not believe it and it’s been truly amazing!”

I’m a true believer of what’s meant to be is meant to be and Jenna couldn’t agree more, stating “Timing is everything!”

Timing was even right for it to be certified Gold!
We continued to talk more about their accomplishments through out their year, having released their EP Feels Like That. They released a three pack from it and have had such success with each. From their first single Hometown Kids, their previously mentioned certified gold single Long Live The Night’s, to the recent release of the EP titled single Feels Like That. Here’s a couple of impressive stats to say the least!
•EP OVER 8 million streams on their debut EP

They also received three CCMA nominations and took home Rising Star!Their CCMA performance was just INCREDIBLE! High energy that you’ve come to know and love from the duo!

“Yeah it’s so cool to say all this has happened! We have been chasing this dream for a longtime now and timing is everything and even though we wish it could maybe have happened long ago, we are just lucky and fortunate to be on this amazing ride! Right now it seems to be playing out pretty well! Well said and I couldn’t agree anymore with that!

Looking forward, I asked about their recent trip to Nashville. From their socials fans may have picked up that they might be beginning to look ahead and writing new music.

“Oh yeah! We’ve been writing for awhile, we do have a lot of songs in our back pocket and we are just excited to create! We have sometime to put them together and form ideas and roll out some plans. So yes new music for sure in the new year! We are hoping to release another three pack to finish off the EP. Then through the summer release maybe a song or two. Then starting with a new album come September!”

Well always exciting talking new music! With the new releases set perfectly timed with summer, it’ll be great to play for fans as they hit some big festivals! That’s right they are already announced to be playing some big summer festivals and they are pumped about it!

We spoke about one post on socials specifically and that was about a picture taken at The Yeehaw farm. This was their family farm growing up and they opened it up to the public and made it an adventure farm and had a blast as kids! The farm was sold two years ago but they had a chance to go back and reminisce. Spotify wanted to do a special on them and where they came from and how The Reklaws came to be. There will be a special out on Spotify so be sure to stay tuned! Really who says you can’t go back home! What a trip down memory lane for Jenna & Stu!

Well I had to ask just one more question, “Who will you be cheering for during the grey cup?!?!”

“We will be neutral! The Ty Cats were our team growing up, but with out them advancing we decided to just be neutral and either way it’ll be fun and we will have a blast!”

They also mentioned a few other activities they’ll be participating in during the Grey Cup festivities. Including an awards presentation. But these two are experts now having presented at the MMVA’s!

Jenna and Stu have a TON of energy when performing always giving it their all and having a blast! This making them perfect for the big kickoff and to get things rockin’!!!

Congratulating them once again on an incredible year, I said to them I am sure even through the craziness of the holidays you guys can take some time to reflect and soak in all the amazing accomplishments of 2018!!! They told me they definitely will and are looking forward to a trip away with their family! Well deserved guys, truly enjoy!

I know they’ve had a busy full packed schedule getting ready before taking off, so I really would like to say thank you for taking the time to chat before heading out! Have a great trip!!!! Enjoy the kickoff!!! I’ll be tuned in on Sunday & can’t wait to see you during the broadcast!!!

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