Jessica Mitchell Heart Of Glass Tour

It was a very cold night in Toronto but Jessica Mitchell warmed up the Great Hall with her charm, beauty, grace and wonderful music as she brought her Heart Of Glass Tour to the city. This has been very exciting for Jessica as it is her very first headlining tour. Also this stop in particular was exciting for her to play as it is where she lives and she had many family and friends in the audience sharing this very special night. The Great Hall was the perfect venue for the intimate gathering of lovely stories and beautiful music!

For her Ontario dates Jessica had brought along Sons of Daughters to join her. The duo are incredibly talented musicians and it too was the perfect venue for them. We had the chance to see them play at Boots and Hearts this past summer. They had a blast playing the festival and had an incredible set but I would have to say I truly enjoyed them in this type of setting! They blew everyone in the crowd away as they capped of their portion of the night with the most amazing cover of Metallica’s Enter Sandman that I have ever heard! I can’t not wait to see and hear more from these guys!

Jessica is an excellent performer and exceptional song writer. Through her song she tells stories of her life, writing and playing her own music making her so authentic and true.

Excited and confidently taking the stage Jessica looked so at home up there. The atmosphere was warm and welcoming and the crowd was engaged with Jessica right from the top of her set. There was a lot of laughter and joking around through the night, it was what made the night just a little extra special and lovely to hear! Through out the evening Jessica played many of her songs off the album. Something special though she did during the set was play some new music not even recorded yet. After sharing these songs, she also asked the crowd if she should record them and it was a resounding yes!

Another something special she is doing on the tour is playing a different cover song each night. Toronto got an incredible version of Sia’s Elastic Heart.

At the very end of her set Jessica took the stage solo and talked about her album. She shared with the audience how much she loves writing and writing about her life. She then sat down at the keys and played one of her favourite “babies” from the album Rain For The River which is such a beautiful soulful song.

Taking a brief pause, she came back to the stage joking saying “Oh that’s what that feels like!” She gave the crowd the encore they asked for. Finishing off with one my favourite songs Grown Up Things she then gave a the crowd a beautiful heartfelt thank you.

Thanking the crowd from the bottom of her heart, she continued her thank yous to, Sons Of Daughters, Live Nation and The Great Hall. Saving the biggest for last and that was for her band. She capped of the beautiful evening with her number one hit Working On Whiskey. This sure was a night anyone in the audience nor Jessica will soon forget!

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