Dierks Bentley Burning Man Tour

As a polar vortex was setting in over Ontario this past weekend, Dierks Bentley brought some much needed heat with his Burning Man Tour to the Tribute Communities Centre in Oshawa. Joining Dierks on his tour is Tenille Townes and Jon Pardi.

To kick off the night Dierks and his boys got things warmed up on stage with Hot Country Nights. Basically we witnessed a 90’s band with two lead singers who pretty much ended up brawling on stage. Also, there may or may not been some alcohol involved, just saying. The guys have so much fun in their roles putting this mini show on for the crowd. The audience getting a good laugh in before the real concert started.

Tenille Townes was so happy to be back in Canada and was so grateful to be out on her very first arena tour. Tenille has gone big with her single Somebody’s Daughter. She also sang her single Jersey and I guarantee this one will also be big for her. She is a very talented musician telling incredible stories through her music. Including on her guitar! Tenille has an incredible unique voice that I could listen to live over and over again and I can’t wait to see more from her!

Jon Pardi no stranger to The Tribute Centre took the stage to the audience on their feet and everyone stood for his entire set. I have now seen him perform 5 times and I would never get tired of seeing him live! He is such a great performer and he literally brings the Pardi!

This show gave Dierks a perfect hatrick at the Tribute Centre. All three shows he’s played have been sold out and Dierks showed Oshawa a lot of love back on Saturday night. He lit things up right away with Burning Man. He played more from his latest album through out the set, but of course playing many fan favourites. The whole arena was on their feet dancing and singing along. At one point Dierks even saying, “We are all here to have a great night and I need you to recharge & do whatever you need to do to let go. Breath… sometimes your just just livin’.” This leading right into Mountain.

Dierks was rejoined on stage by both Tenille & Pardi.

Tenille blew everyone away singing Different For Girls with Dierks. She was just incredible! When Pardi took his turn back in front of the crowd he endured some razzing from Dierks but all in fun. Having been out on the road with Dierks before he’s quite familiar to his fun antics. They played an amazing version of George Strait’s Heartland and Alan Jackson’s Chattahoochee.

Dierks before taking a brief pause played What Was I Thinking then returning to close things out with Drunk On A Plane and Free And Easy. Before leaving the stage he called out to the crowd asking “Have you enjoyed the ride!?!” Then thanking the crowd, “It’s been one hell of a ride! Thank you! You always make this feel like a hometown show!”

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