Gord Bamford Honky Tonk & Dive Bar Tour

Gord Bamford has been hitting bars all across Canada on his Honky Tonk & Dive Bar Tour with Jojo Mason and Jade Eagleson. It was Friday night when these guys rolled into Barrie and the famous question Is It Friday Yet? Well it was answered with a resounding YES! It was time to pop a top and hang out with the rowdy crowd! It was a sold out show at Mavericks Music Hall, the energy was high and everyone was ready for a good time!
It was very exciting for Jade Eagleson to be added to Gord’s tour. This has been Jade’s first official tour and he fit the opening role perfectly! Jade was Boots and Hearts emerging showcase winner in 2017. This year he was part of the big Coors Banquet kick-off Party, so he is no stranger on how to get a crowd fired up! Jade has had a lot of success with his hit Got Your Name On It and we are looking forward to more from him!
Gord no stranger to a sold out show was ready for the Friday night crowd and he brought it in a big way! We’ve caught Gord quite a few times now and this by far was one of the best shows we’ve seen from Gord! It might have been the addition of the rowdy Friday night crowd, the dive bar atmosphere or even the fact that he brought out some guests during his set, but this was seriously a high energy fun show! Jojo joined Gord on stage, doing things a little differently. So instead of having Jojo play before his set, mixing things up he inserted him right into his own set which made for a lot of fun! They even sang together Groovin’ With You and I could have definitely grooved with these guys all night long! Jojo played some his own hits for us including his latest Future. Jojo has so much energy and has so much fun with a crowd it was great to see him on this very special tour and the two of them made quite the dynamic duo! So much fun!

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This entry was posted on November 26, 2018 by in Country, Danielle Bourjeaurd, Gord Bamford, Jojo Mason.
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