Interview with Karli June

Karli June has just released a true anthem filled with emotional lyrics and powerful vocals. Her latest release Home Team is about those people who are in your corner, love you and always rooting for you. The song delivers so much on so many levels and I was hooked from the first time I heard it and I hope you are too!

I had the absolute pleasure of speaking with Karli about her single Home Team. First and foremost I began by congratulating Karli on the release and she was absolutely thrilled to be releasing new music. I right away mentioned what an anthem it is, she quickly and excitedly replied, “That is exactly what I was going for!”

I asked her about the background of the song and what Home Team means to her.

“I wrote this song about the ones that love me and are in my corner. The ones that cheer me on and are with me through the ups and downs. Our Home Teams. I hope everyone can feel that too!”

The track was co-written by Karli June, hit songwriters Karen Kosowski and Tori Tullier and I asked her about working with them and recording the single.

“It was pretty amazing, they made me feel really comfortable. I had a bit of nerves to be honest going into it, I had never met them before but it was incredible. I went into that session with the idea of Home Team and Karen jumped on it right away and really brought my vision of the song to life.
We wrote this pre-pandemic in fall of 2019 and we had begun a little of the production of it and then the pandemic hit. We then had to finish it via zoom.
I had written this about the people in my life that I love so much and we recorded the vocals during the pandemic when I couldn’t be with them and it felt quite emotional recording the vocals. It kind of felt like the song took on a new life. My hope is that people can connect with the song and feel that their loved ones are still there with them right now even though we physically can’t be.”

I asked her about her performance vision of the song, because it truly is an anthem and the drums will be something fierce paired with Karli’s vocals when we can get to see this live!

“It gets me so excited to think about playing live, but can sometimes also be difficult. So much has happened since the pandemic hit. Things had just been really ramping up for me just before everything halted. I literally just wrapped up a radio tour as the world was shutting down. We had arrived in Saskatoon for the Junos and everything shut down. But this time has also been really good for me too because it has allowed me to just focus on the music and myself as an artist. I feel as if I have grown personally and it reflects in the music. That we were able to keep going has been incredible and I’m so thankful for that! We have really just been working on this record.
But yes looking forward, it literally gets me so excited though, the thought of playing the music live and I set my mind to that when I get sad and miss playing.”

It definitely has been a challenging time and during this time it has not always been easy to stay focused or look forward. How have you managed through this?

“It definitely has been a challenging time! But to have this new music has been something to look forward to and be excited about! We have been so focused on the album and it’s been so great to have this focus. I’m just thankful that we were able to move forward in my career during this time and I have to remind myself of that at times. I have my team to thank for that as they have worked really hard even though it has been challenging.”

I truly believe it is so inspirational that artists like yourself can still be creative during this time and it has been so fantastic to still see music being put out. Artists make the music to end up being the soundtrack to people’s lives and to do that again during these times is so phenomenal!

“Absolutely, I agree and my hope is that as an industry we can put music out there especially right now to make people feel good. My hope for my music is to make people feel happy and joyful, I try to put that optimism in my music especially into this album. I hope it encourages someone!”

This track Home Team is the first of three being released before Karli’s album and of course I had to ask her the details on all that!

“We have three singles coming out before the album release and hopefully that release will be in November. So we have Home Team being released now, another one in a couple of months. Then the third single just before the album. Which again hopefully will be November.
We can hope that by then things will be looking differently and we can get out there to play the new music live! Who knows but it definitely is good to hope for that!” We all definitely couldn’t agree more!!!

Thank you Karli and congratulations on a very inspirational anthem and I look forward to hearing the rest of the album!

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