A Magical Muskoka Summer’s night with The Reklaws

Long Live The Night” We will be holding onto this night for a longtime!!! It’s Muskoka summer nights like these that help us get through the long winters!!! It was a magical summer’s night at Clearlake Brewing’s Muskoka Beer Spa with The Reklaws. It was the perfect venue for an intimate stripped down acoustic set. The Reklaws put on an incredible show filled with lot’s of energy, pure joy and excitement! Jenna and Stu stating numerous times how lucky they are and thankful to be playing live shows! The crowd reciprocated the sentiment fully, nobody takes live music for granted these days!

Rolling through hit after hit they had everyone on their feet dancing and singing along! There was a lot of interaction with the audience and Jenna had a lot of fun with the lighting, sharing the spotlight with the crowd! This was a night nobody wanted to see end! Even after their set finished with their mics shut off, the crowd wanted more and carried them through What The Truck and the two danced and sang anyway, it was an amazing finish to an absolutely incredible night! It was definitely one for the books and one that won’t be forgotten!

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