Kadooh Rattlesnake Bite

604 records country artist Kadooh has just released a hot new single Rattlesnake Bite. Teamed up with longtime friend Chad Kroeger, they have dropped a big party anthem! It is definitely a jam and has an awesome vibe that will make you want to dance. As the song tells you exactly what to do! “It even made me put my phone down and pulled me right out to the floor…”

I had the chance to catch up with Kadooh about his latest single and he shared with me how he felt about releasing new music!

“Excited! Lots of emotions! There’s always lots of emotions when releasing new music, it’s exciting, relief, lots of nerves and anxiety. But really I am excited about this single!”

I asked him about the inspiration about the song and how it came to life.

“I was working on a riff and I was in studio with Chad and he was like what is that? He said no way you wrote that and I was like yeah man (laughing). He came up with the song title Rattlesnake Bite and initially I was like seriously, dude that is ridiculous! But it has now in reality become so bad ass!”

Working with long time friend Chad Kroeger on the project, the two grew up together, they have worked together in the past and Kadooh even touring with Chad (Nickelback) with his former rock band State Of Shock. This all paving the way to such a fun party anthem! Good friends equals good times and lots of fun! With that combination they created just that with Rattlesnake Bite and the video for the song. The video came to life by highly acclaimed video director Stephano Barberis. 

“The idea for the video developed right away! We envisioned a choreographed dance that people could follow along with. What better way than having dancers on large light boxes and with the band performing with them! Then Chad had the idea of us on tricycles and what’s cooler than 5 grown men on tricycles right!?!? Then let’s throw in the jet, everything about the video is just fun! We had a lot of fun with it and a ton of fun making it! It seriously was a blast! Hopefully people will have fun listening and dancing to it!”

This is the first single of an anticipated EP set to be released later this year which we discussed and after this single I am definitely looking forward to more!

“I’m working with Jeff Johnson on my EP and we have a lot of songs to choose from. Also prior to the pandemic I had been down in Nashville writing and working with some pretty big writers down there, it was a great opportunity for me! We’ve got a lot of songs to choose from and we want to take our time and get it right. Not rushing anything here, but hopefully later this year we will be dropping the EP if all goes well!”

I followed up with asking him if there are any fellow Canadian artists he would like to write with. Kadooh said there are so many great Canadian artists he would love the opportunity to work with. He dropped some big Canadian names like Tebey, Jimmy Thow and label mate Andrew Hyatt. 

He might have maybe even mentioned someone he may or may not have wrote a song with, that may or may not be on the upcoming EP. We will just have to wait to see!

I also asked Kadooh if he’s had the chance to play any shows since the pandemic and he told me about a show he played and how good it felt to get back out there! He also had another one coming up that he’s really looking forward to! Looking ahead he knows of somethings lined up and just hopes to keep adding more shows, especially around the release of the EP! 

Now go CRANK Rattlesnake Bite 🐍 

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