Mackenzie Leigh Meyer “Dial Tone”

Country roots artist Mackenzie Leigh Meyer has released a fun, sassy, catchy, tune “Dial Tune” and if you don’t know…it’s not about a phone! We had so much fun chatting about her song, read on to find out what it’s all about!

“Well, I hate to say it but it is from the heart. We have all found ourselves in those dull or uninteresting conversations. For those that don’t know, Dial Tone is the slang for that and it’s not just about a phone. I had been kicking that title around for awhile and with so much more time over the pandemic I thought this was one to work on. I meet up with Jesse Slack and Daryl Scott and wrote this one out! We were so excited about it once we finished and I was like this definitely had to be the next release! I just knew right away!”

That’s always fantastic to come out of a write and feel so great about what you just wrote and created. What made you feel that way about this one?

“Well we were all just so excited about it and I immediately was in love with it! This one is just so different from other stuff I’ve released and I loved the sass to the song. It’s a fun one and I just new I wanted to record it! It definitely is so great to come out of a write feeling like that and you just got to go with it, ‘cause it doesn’t always work out that way!”

What was it like to work with Jesse and Scott?

“It was so much fun! This is actually the second or third song I have brought to them now and so I kind of new what to except working with them, although it is still kind of new to work together. I think the way they write and the lyrics they come up with together are quite clever. I knew I wanted this one to be a clever, cheeky, sassy tune and I just knew they would know what to add to it!”

How did you feel about working and still continuing forward through the pandemic, because honestly it is an amazing accomplishment to still have kept moving forward and putting out music!

“It’s been a huge feat and thank goodness for technology! All this stuff has been done over zooms and digitally. But it’s been really nice to been able to keep being artists through all of this! It’s been awesome!”

Although there hasn’t been too many opportunities for live shows, I know you have been able to get out to play a few times. How did that feel!?!?

“Yeah I have been lucky enough to play a few shows at the Moonshine Cafe that Dave Woods hosts. It’s always such a blast! I got to get on Suzi Kory’s Love Revolution which was amazing! It felt so great to so to speak, reclaim the stage! But yeah slowly getting back to it since it’s been so inconsistent. I also got to play Nicole Rayy’s All Woman Harmonia Festival and it’s amazing what she is doing for women in country music! It really has felt so good to get back out there! You don’t realize how much you miss it until it was gone and haven’t been able to do it for a long time. Then you go to play and I was like this, this is what I live for and love to do!”

With this song release are you now working towards the goal of putting out an EP or album?

“Yes, I am definitely working towards that and hoping to put out an EP next year. It’s still in it’s baby stages and I don’t have a hard date on that. But I have picked the songs I want to do and just starting to get into the pre-production and recording of it and deciding what I want them to sound like. But you can definitely except some more new music from me next year! I look forward to putting out more and hopefully next year being back to live music and being able to play them for everyone!”

After such a fun, sassy tune from Mackenzie we can definitely look forward to what’s to come from her next year!

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