Karli June; Where You Come From

Karli June is releasing her debut EP, Where You Come From. The EP in its entirety is truly genuine, authentic and one you can connect with from beginning to end. I had a wonderful time speaking with Karli and learning more about her incredible piece of work. 

After congratulating Karli on her debut EP, I began by asking her how she was feeling about the release.

“It’s been a long time coming and it feels so great to be putting it out! I’m feeling very excited and I am very proud of the album! It’s about me as it could get! And when you have that feeling your not as worried about what people are going to think. You know it’s just true and honest. You want to share your story with the world and hope it connects with them and I think we’ve truly done that! I’m just really excited about it!”

It was incredible to listen to Karli share with me all about how the EP came together.

“We began working on it pre-pandemic. We first wrote Home Team and The List. Then once things happened we transitioned to online. A lot of the songs then became inspired with what was happening in the world. Church To Pray, for sure was inspired by churches being closed and not having that anymore. Makes You Pretty, a lot of us have not been feeling our best throughout the pandemic and there’s been a lot of struggle. That was really what inspired this when I wrote it, I was feeling that way myself and it’s about overcoming the struggles. It’s meant to be empowering! At the time I didn’t know how I really felt about releasing music during the pandemic. In a strange way I am grateful, as I think it will connect with people and what we’ve all been going through.”

Karli and I previously spoke when she first released Home Team, over a year ago and it’s hard to believe she is now releasing the full EP! It was great to chat about the power anthem then and re-visit it again now! 

“I wrote this song about the ones that love me and are in my corner. The ones that cheer me on and are with me through the ups and downs. Our Home Teams!”

The EP is produced by power house Karen Kosowski. Karli had wonderful things to say about working with her throughout the project. They penned most of the tracks together, along with other writers like Derric Ruttan, who worked on the first single released from the EP, Heart Drunk. Karli also has included a single that is self written, Big For A Small Town and it’s a smash!

“The final track is Big For A Small Town and I am the sole writer on that track. I’m very proud of it! It’s very much about where I am from and was very cool to put the single on the EP. It means a lot to me!

Karli continued on saying,

“I can’t believe the release is finally here! It’s not been easy and not during these times but it also has been inspiring. I really believe that this industry is a marathon not a sprint. Learning about yourself along the way is key and I think then you create better music and music that connects with people. Sharing your hardships and things your going through is what makes the connection for people. My hope is that people can find that connection in my songs.”

I know I can completely connect with her songs and I am sure you will too! It was absolutely amazing to have Karli walk me through the whole EP. Hearing how an artist creates their work truly brings their work to life and I thank Karli for sharing her thoughts behind her music with me. From first to final track it is a beautifully composed EP. Congratulations Karli! 

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