Graham Scott Fleming; Better Man

Emerging Country artist Graham Scott Fleming recently released his brand new single Better Man. The hot new track landed in the top 50 upon release and has been climbing the charts! I recently spoke with Graham about the single and learned a lot about the new artist making noise on the country scene. I began by congratulating Graham Scott Fleming and asking him all about his hot new track and landing top 50!

“It’s crazy what’s happening with it! I remember when I first heard the news, I absolutely couldn’t believe it! I can’t believe the support I’m getting, it’s been wild and I’m so thankful for that!”

Graham has received a lot of support from both Stingray making it a trending track & Rogers radio, one to watch. He told me how blown away he is with all their support! 

“They have been both so amazing! It’s been so incredible! So thankful for all the stations playing my song! I have friends and family that are able to actually hear it on the radio and it’s just unbelievable, it’s so amazing! It’s always unexpected when releasing a song and the fact this is all happening, it’s all really just like a dream! It all started as a journal entry, I was going through a time when I wasn’t seeing the light. I was actually going through a breakup and I was just sitting with all the negative feelings, you know that you have post break up. I realized I was going to be the one to have to pull myself out of this and as I was writing this journal entry I turned to music. Because really music is therapy and I started humming a tune and began to think, really this could become a tune. Then I thought something so special and empowering to me, could really end up helping other people as well. We took it to studio, I had other songs that I wanted to record, but quickly we put this one to the front. We wrote the music right on the spot and now well, it’s on the radio! I think a lot of people can relate to it. Not just necessarily from a break up point, but when we can’t see the light, but that we can always be the better person! To want to take the chance and to want to help ourselves and to be better. I really do hope people can relate to that!”

Country music, is meant to be authentic, real and tells you a story. Country music is meant to be relatable and music that you can connect with. Graham is doing just that through his music. It was great to speak with him about his authenticity.

“I use to write what I thought people wanted to hear and then through the pandemic I had all these emotions bubbling and thought why don’t I just write that. Write that, the real raw emotions.  Hopefully people can connect and relate to them. Then putting them to song really makes them real!”

Throughout the pandemic there has been a lot and I mean a TON of great music put out over this time. I truly believe that artists have had more time to channel into their writing and more time to create, truly creating some incredible work. 

“Exactly! I believe a lot of times in general we don’t take the time to just sit and breathe and take the time to pause and think. Think about things good or bad and the pandemic has given us the opportunity to do just that. Then as artists we’ve had the time to have these emotions and the songs that are coming out are reflecting that. I’ve been listening to a lot of great music that’s come out over the pandemic and I think we are all just trying to write and tell our truths now.”

I had to note how much I love the beginning riff to the song and Graham gave high accolades to the highly talented musicians he worked with during the production.

“I worked with the best musicians on this, they are literally the best guys and just so talented. I always throw them demos here and there and the music they always come up with is just unbelievable. They always take my vision I have and make it so extraordinary!”

Graham recently has been down in Nashville writing and had the opportunity to work with Country legend Patricia Conroy. It was amazing to hear about his opportunity!

“I have been down in Nashville for a week and before coming down I reached out to Patricia and thankfully she made time for me! It was incredible to work with such a legend! I just saw her get inducted into the CCMA Hall of Fame and now sitting down to write with her, literally it’s been such an insane experience! We worked also with Dave Thompson and after the write, we loved our song so much, we actually cut the song! So stayed tune! This trip has been truly so amazing!”

I had to ask Graham with all this writing and new music, is there the goal of an EP?

“We are looking to release the next tune sometime hopefully around summer. I am back in the studio in the spring and working hopefully towards an EP. So lots of new music and exciting things coming for sure!”

Graham is apart of Dani Strong’s team, Taylor Entertainment. Dani being the gem she is, he of course had nothing but wonderful things to say about her!

“Dani is just so amazing! She’s incredible! It’s amazing to have someone who you can really trust wholeheartedly! We have now been working together for a year, which is unbelievable. She really has just taken me from this kid who wanted to do this, to this guy who is understanding and just growing to become this musician. She is so passionate about the music and it just rubs off on you and she’s so inspiring! I am so grateful for her! We actually were introduced through Neil Anthony. One of the very first things I ever did was a contest through Kicx 106 and he was the host and he’s actually watched me grow as an artist. I’m so grateful for the connections I’ve made in the business and for the people who I’ve met and have been looking out for me and helping me throughout this journey!” 

Mentioning both Neil and Dani during the interview for me was so much fun to chat about them with Graham. I am too so grateful for their friendships and what they have taught me a lot too along the way! These two heavyweights in the business are rockstars and he’s definitely in good hands and lucky to have both of them in his corner!

I wish Graham Scott Fleming nothing but the best and I’m really looking forward to hearing more from him! I truly believe he’s going to be bringing us some amazing music that will become soundtracks to our lives! 

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