Brand New Music from Kris Barclay; More Than Whiskey

Kris Barclay has released highly anticipated new music and he’s delivered huge, with a brand new incredible song More than Whiskey.

Written by heavy hitters Meghan Patrick and Aaron Goodvin, along with Skip Black. Kris Barclay has brought the song to life with his powerful vocals and incredible range. Kris shared with me how the song came to be his brand new single.

“I’m very excited, it feels so good to be back in the game! It’s been a long time coming! We had a lot of songs written and ready to go. We were back and forth on which one it was going to be to record. But I didn’t want to leave anything on the table and I wanted to put out simply the best song! So I thought it wouldn’t hurt to reach out to some friends and to see if they had a song that would match my vibe and my style. Meghan was one of them and she sent me More Than Whiskey. It was the winner! I just knew this was the one after listening to it just once. I just wanted to put out the best song possible and the best quality of music. I went right back to my guys and said wipe the slate clean, I’ve got one and this is it! The best part to me, is that it feels like a song I would have wrote. If your going to cut a song that you didn’t write and is pitched to you, you want it to still feel like it is something you would have wrote yourself. It just fits my style and I knew I wanted it to be the one! Again, I just knew this was the best song and that’s all I want to do, written by myself or not, I want to put out the best song possible!”

Kris has tremendous vocal range and this is definitely showcased in the song. He shared how he has been working on his vocal skill set.

“I worked with Jeff Dalziel on the production of the song. He had a great vision and did a tremendous job on the song! He definitely pushed the envelope on my vocal range. When things shut down I spent a lot of time on my voice, I take vocal lessons and I’ve been really focusing on that. There is still a long way to go to where I’d like to be. I have a pretty high measuring stick for myself and I can be tough on myself, but I just want to be the best I can be. With the song I was happy to have the opportunity to showcase some of that and push myself vocally. The hard part about recording, if you take a chance and step out of the box vocally, you have to be confident on it because your going to have to do that out on stage. But I wanted to push myself and go a little lower or higher than I normally would. It was a great opportunity to work with Jeff on this. I am trying to grow as an artist and vocally, while putting out the best possible music. Again I was happy to have the opportunity to showcase my vocals on this song.”

Kris also recently opened up for Meghan Patrick, helping her wrap up her Wild As Me Tour. Getting the opportunity to play his brand new song, not only for fans, but for the writer of the song! I could feel the adrenaline while chatting with Kris about the experience and how it felt being back on stage! 

“To have the opportunity to open up for Meghan was just amazing! That was right up there for me in terms of experience. Meghan and her whole team were just incredible with us. To get back up on stage, in front of a crowd and feel that rush and adrenaline was so incredible! That feeling is irreplaceable and there’s nothing quite like it. That two minutes before you hit the stage, you then step out there and hear the crowd, again that’s irreplaceable. To not have it for two years, that was so special for sure. Meghan and her team again how truly incredible they were with us made it even that more amazing and such a special return to the stage for me! Of course too, so awesome getting to play More Than Whiskey on her tour! It was amazing to see Meghan perform, she’s just incredible and to see her complete her first headlining tour which she began two years ago was very special and so cool!

I was pretty certain saying to Kris, “Now after having that adrenaline and stage rush feeling back, I can only bet you are just wanting to keep this ball rollin’ and keep on playin’! What is your summer looking like?”

“I am just looking forward to getting the band back together and getting back out there, out in front of crowds. I just want to play, we love to play, we literally love to do what we do. What this has done, it has reinvigorate that feeling and adrenaline of being on stage. I have been booking a lot of beer and rib fests and we are just looking forward to getting back out there and playing music for fans!”

Be sure to stay tuned to Kris Barclay’s socials to see where you can find him this summer and also be sure if you haven’t already, get his killer new track, More than Whiskey.

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